Resident / Occupant Mailing List


The Resident / Occupant mailing list is great to find all residents in a given area. Gain access the most complete source for Resident/Occupant mailing lists which is ideal for marketers interested in achieving saturation. To find all residents in an area use this resident mailing list.

  • Universe: More than 139,000,000 addresses
  • Sourcing: USPS data compiled by Compact Information Systems
  • Updates: Every 30 days

Resident/Occupant Mailing List, also known as saturation mailing list, is ideal for marketers who want to reach every mailable residential and/or business address within a given geographical location. This is a great way to find all residents in an area. Records are updated every 30 days.

In a saturation mailing, mail pieces are delivered in walk sequence and may be eligible for postal discounts. While this type of data is ideal for many general marketing offers, it is not personalized or targeted. To target households by demographics like age, income, or gender, consider using Consumer Mailing List. To target businesses by selects like employee size, sales volume, or SIC code, consider using Business Mailing List.

This type of saturation list would be ideal for the following applications:

  • To Find All Residents in a town
  • Automotive Offers
  • Community Publications
  • Coupons
  • Home Services
  • New Business Announcements
  • Newsletters and Flyers
  • Political Leaflets
  • Sale Announcements and Many More!