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Learn why more businesses are turning to direct mail to build awareness, brand equity, and find new customers. At Excel Printing and Mailing we are the experts in direct mail marketing, and we are here to help you through your entire direct mail campaign, from design to post office. Here are some Direct Mail Postcard Sizes: 4.25 x 5.54x68.5 x 5.56 x 95.5x11 | 6x11

Direct Mail Study
Why America Likes Direct Mail
5 Parts to a Direct Mail Job
3 ingredients to insure the success of your direct mailing:
8 Things Direct Mail Can Do

Direct Mail Study:
98%  of consumers bring their mail into the home the same day it is delivered
72%  of consumers bring the mail in at the first opportunity, when they first get home or when the mail arrives
77%  of consumers sort their mail immediately
75%  value the privacy of mail
63%  said an interesting-looking piece caused them to read it.
Source:  USPS 2004 Mail Moment Research Study

Why America Likes Direct Mail
It helps households stay informed
It helps businesses market products & services
People look to thier mailboxes everyday to save money
Direct Mail Delivers Value, Trust, Security, Privacy

5 Parts to a Direct Mail Job
For any direct mail project there are 5 basic parts. The good news is that Excel Printing and Mailing has the experience and tools to handle your direct mail project, from start to finish. This saves you both time and money by getting done correctly the first time, by one reliable source.

 Design Add Pizzazz to your marketing piece by having it designed by a professional! Our graphic designers know how to enhance your message and increase your response rates.
 Printing Make sure your message stands out with full color and glossy printing. Please like to read interesting looking things.
 Mailing Services
Our direct mail expertise ensures you receive the lowest postage rates available and the fastest delivery schedules in the mailing industry.
 Mailing List
Find the right direct mailing list for your marketing campaign. Make sure to get your message to the right person. Do you want to send to a purchased list, or your own database?
 Postage By using professional mailing house like Excel, and save money in postage. Instead of sticking an expensive stamp on the piece, let us find the best and cheapest way to get your message into mailboxes.

3 ways to insure the success of your mailing:
The Mailing List
Make the Right Offer
The Right Design

8 things you can ask your direct mail reader to do:
Ask your readers for a response. Don't just tell what you have to offer, ask them to respond. There are 8 things you can ask a person to do. So when you are thinking of an offer or call to action, keep these in mind.
 1. Buy!  5. Call!
 2. Order!  6. Click!
 3. Visit!   7. Send!
 4. Write!   8. Receive!