Accepted File Formats FAQ

We can accept a wide variety of file formats (below), however we prefer all files to be submitted as PDF files to minimize any font, image, text, or formatting complications.

Preparation Tips See our File Preparations Tips FAQ for details on submitting the highest quality files to eliminate extra file charges or production delays.

Accepted File Types Index
Desktop Publishing
Document Files
Raster Graphics Files
Spreadsheet Files
Vector Graphics Files

Desktop Publishing Files
.INDD – Adobe InDesign
.PUB – Microsoft Publisher

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Document Files (Text and Plain Text)
.DOC – Microsoft Word document
.DOCX – Office Open XML document
.MCW – Microsoft Word for Macintosh (versions 4.0–5.1)
.PAGES – Apple Pages document
.PDF – Portable Document Format
.RTF – Rich Text document
.WPD – WordPerfect document
.WPS – Microsoft Works document 

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Raster Graphics Files (images as a group of pixels)

.BMP – Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatted image
.GIF – CompuServe's Graphics Interchange Format .JP2 – JPEG2000
.JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group – a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images.
.JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group – a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images.
.JPS – JPEG Stereo
.PICT – Apple Macintosh PICT image
.PNG – Portable Network Graphic lossless, for display and edition of graphic images
.PSD – Adobe Photoshop Drawing
.TIF – Tagged Image File Format
.TIFF – Tagged Image File Format
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Spreadsheet Files

.CSV – Comma-Separated Values
.GNUMERIC – Gnumeric spreadsheet, a gziped XML file
.NUMBERS – Apple Numbers Spreadsheet file
.TAB – tab delimited columns; also TSV
.TSV – tab separated columns; also TAB
.TXT – tab delimited columns
.TXT - Fixed column width
.WK1 – Lotus 1-2-3 up to version 2.01
.WK3 – Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0
.WK4 – Lotus 1-2-3 version 4.0
.WKS – Lotus 1-2-3
.WKS – Microsoft Works
.WQ1 – Quattro Pro DOS version
.XLK – Microsoft Excel worksheet backup
.XLS – Microsoft Excel worksheet sheet (97–2003)
.XLSB – Microsoft Excel binary workbook
.XLSM – Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled workbook
.XLSX – Office Open XML worksheet sheet
.XLR – Microsoft Works version 6.0
.XLT – Microsoft Excel worksheet template
.XLTM – Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled worksheet template
.XLW – Microsoft Excel worksheet workspace (version 4.0)

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Vector Graphics Files (graphics using geometric primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images).
.AI – Adobe Illustrator Document
.EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
.PDF – Portable Document Format
.PS – PostScript 
.XPS – Microsoft XML file similar to a PDF file
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