Handout Brochures and Brochure Mailers

Last time you met with a customer or prospect did they leave with your brochure? If not they might forget about your business and have a competitor's brochure at their fingertips.

Brochures have many uses, and can be placed in your customers and prospects  hands pretty easy. The easiest way is to just hand it to them, most people will not refuse to take it with them.

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The handout brochure is the simplest form of marketing. If you meet with a customer or prospect, make sure they have something to remember your products or service. This is something the restaurant industry is really good at. Every time you order takeout or delivery they give you a new menu. Even if you know the menu by heart, they still give me a new one. Restaurants do this because they want to make sure their menu is always on the top. So learn from your favorite restaurants and use handout brochures.


Full Color 8.5x11 Handout Brochures - Printed in full color and glossy on 2 sides and folded included.

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Folded Brochure Mailers Now On Sale


Folded brochure mailers work well because they have the message visibility of a postcard with the layout of a brochure.  Sometime you need to explain your services or products in a way that just cannot be done on a postcard. Folded brochure mailers can be used to mail your brochures to the masses without the expense of an envelope. Addresses are inkjetted directly on the brochure and the brochure is sealed closed.


Full color Handout Brochures - Printed in full color and glosy on 2 sides, folded and mailing service. Postage not included

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